Road to the Valley – Signed CD


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Through different genres, moods and inspirations “Road to the Valley” is Jordan’s debut EP. It is his creative voice encompassing what it means to start over and follow your passion. It seamlessly transitions through multiple genres ranging from urban to electronic and pop. As Jordan has said, “I just like to make music I love, which makes it incredibly difficult to lock down into one genre because I love so many different styles of music.” On each listen, there is something different to gain.

From tracks such as “I Wish” and “Good Vibes” which will leave you feeling optimistic, nodding your head and humming them for the rest of the day to tracks like “Unstable” and “Breathe” which are sure to rattle any venue. This release is Jordan’s origin story, through sacrifice, dedication and honesty it is something truly unique. ‘Road to the Valley’ has it all.